Wednesday Unjerk Thread

Remember when we were thinking that another sequel to Cars and Toy Story were going to be lame cash-ins while the long awaited sequel to the Incredibles was going to be the big winner of Pixar sequels? Funny how things turned out, with Incredibles 2 being considered one of Pixar's weaker offerings by some of their more hardcore fans, and Toy Story 4 and Cars 3 having a much more positive reception.

My take on this was that Incredibles 2 didn't evolve the Superhero narrative at all. The villain of it? Just Syndrome but less interesting. The story? Just watch the first film, it's a more refined version of it anyway. Any fun takes on Superhero myth? Not really there like the original. It felt like Brad Bird was phoning it in, and from what I know, that was the case. He just agreed on doing it so he could be given the greenlight for other projects he really wanted to do.

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