Week 0 of oral minoxidil. Covid destroyed my hair and I want it back, more in comments.

I too thought HT hairs were for life as they were supposed to be DHT impervious -that being like the sides of my head. So i didnt take fin and only periodically used Nanoxidal but my hair started lookin worse and worse to the point i was heavily reliant on Toppix. This after my first HT for a 1000 grafts to try and rebuild a hairline 10 years ago and my last again to try and reinforce my hairline from behind it with another 1200. Funny thing was -i literally looked my best like a week after my 2nd one - like something about the absolute MESS on my forehead evened out my face and made me look good -weird i know.

Anyways now im recently on a committed Topical Dua/Derma/Saw Palmetto/Kex shampoo and for last couple weeks and its already strating to reform back into a nice shape. looks likeits meds for life boys ! Oh forgot to mention -im on TRT ;/

One last point id like to mention -before i started this new routine I went to visit one of Canadas if not the Worlds "premiere Hairline guy" - his agent was really negative telling me im pretty much doomed, dont have enough donation site and theres nothing they can do to help me -i left feeling reallly bad about myself. Found this site -and im up and running on my own again -feels great!

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