Week 12: Hangover Cures - Sancocho

Sancocho (national dish of Panamá)

(4 servings)

note: Every sancocho recipe is unique, depending on the country, region, and the cook/chef.

4 chicken wings (separated at the joints) or 4 thighs or any combination of chicken pieces

4 beef short ribs (preferably grass fed beef)

4 medium sized potatoes

6 in. piece of white yam (boniato, ñame)

6 in. piece of cassava (yuca) look for pure white insides … no black markings inside

12 baby carrots

2 ears of corn

2 green peppers

1 onion

4 large cloves of garlic pressed

2 large culantro leaves … not cilantro (found in asian grocery stores. Sometimes you can find the herb being sold in the plant department at one of those big box stores.)

1 t turmeric (freshly grated)

1 t oregano

1 t cumin

1-2 packages Goya sazón con culantro y achiote

Salt and pepper Chicken bouillon if needed

Put the meat, seeded green peppers, whole onion, garlic, 1 culantro leaf, and spices in a pot. Cover with water and simmer until the meat is tender. Take the meat out of the pot, place it on a plate, and remove the skin from the chicken. Remove chicken wing tips if you used them in the stock. Run the stock through a strainer and skim the fat off the top. Put the strained stock, meat back in a pot with the corn (cut in 1 inch disks,) the peeled yuca (cut in half and then into 8 spears with the center string removed,) whole peeled potatoes, peeled ñame (cut in 1 inch disks,) whole baby carrots, and another culantro leaf cut into small pieces. Correct the seasonings, add more water to cover the meat and vegetables if necessary. Add chicken bouillon and another packet of sazón if the stock is too watery. Simmer until the vegetables are cooked. The yuca needs to be translucent (it is poisonous when raw.) Correct the seasonings for the final time. You can serve this soup with rice, salad, and avocado.

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