Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of December 18, 2020

Real Talk.

I have a friend who does very well and wants to start risky investing but I have yet to tell him about this place-

I've done meh....ok. Up. Down. Up. Down. But Up as a whole. And I don't mind paying the tariffs of learning. But the kicker is- I know myself in an out. I know what confidence in a position feels like and I know when I'm just playing the lotto. I'm aware of what I'm doing.

So my question is this.

For every one big winner, what is the actual amount of los.....non-winners?

I stumbled into this place on my own and I'm reluctant to tell anyone about it. Actually typing this out- I'm not going to tell him. But I am still curious what the actual ratio of big winners/bagholders is.

Happy weekend y'all

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