Weekend RAGE Thread - January 02, 2021

Priority pass sucks. Not (just) because of the inaccurate queue times, but because the majority of my games now have my tanks being DPS players. 90% of matches are some combination of instalock D.Va’s, Hogs, Monkeys, and Balls.

And I already know some chucklehead is going to reply saying it’s always been this way, but it hasn’t ever been this bad for me. It’s ridiculous; we can’t make or take any space when D.Va is flying straight into the enemy team to feed, or Hog/Ball is taking their thirteenth flank halfway around the map.

No, as a Lucio player, I will not abandon my team to follow you Hog and heal bot you. No, D.Va, I will not just ride straight into the enemy team leaving my back line open to the Tracers eating my other support up. If you want to play the game like a deathmatch, FFS go play deathmatch and stop throwing our games so you can get your stupid priority passes.

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