Weekend Storytime, The Big Game edition

Saturday play was a no-go due to helping a friend move, but D14 in Sanger was open on Sunday, so I was still able to get my exercise in. My legs are incredibly sore in the most satisfying way today as I limp around at work.

Rose #1: Leaving my RPK at home, I instead took my rifles out to play as a Medic. I spent almost the entire day dashing around like a madman, reviving people, including an awesome moment where I was the medic to a squad of eight deployed along a cover-less hill overlooking the tents that held the box we needed to capture. Given the cover-less nature of that hill, I had to either crawl on elbows and knees or perform individual rushes ("I'm up, they see me, I'm down") in order to get to wounded players. Overall, yesterday was an intense and very satisfying medic experience, though my muscles have been screaming bloody murder at me all day today.

Rose #2: During the end of the Downed Pilot round, the pilot we needed to capture "defected" to our side at the admin's request, and another teammate and myself "escorted" him to his objective (the pallet fort in the Northwest). Moving rapidly through the city, clearing buildings for the VIP to rush through, we made our way to the far side, cleared the back of the Mansion, and then the pilot sprinted to his objective, with us vainly trying to catch up. He was barely inside and I had just reached the fort's entrance when the buzzer went off for the end of the round. Game draw by the skin of our teeth!

Thorn #1: During the beginning of that same Downed Pilot round, I sprinted into the city, leading the charge to gain as much ground as possible to support the pilot we needed to rescue. Since I was a medic, I found a good spot for me to go to ground and begin reviving all the other people who were going to charge up and start engaging. "All the other people" ended up being one guy with a tri-shot spring shotgun who crouched down right next to me, and that was pretty much it, against twenty Tan players already overrunning our pilot. Needless to say, we didn't ever come close to rescuing our pilot.

Thorn #2: During the Cone Game round (keep the green cone up, knock the orange/tan cone down), I made a trio of suicidal rushes at the cones, and on the third one, I was finally able to set the objective (barely) before getting shot. All pumped up from my success, I looked back as I walked to spawn, only to see that a Tan player had already reversed my accomplishment in the span of half-a-minute. Gorrammit.

Bud: During a round of Conquest (setting the state of flags around the field), I led a group of five other players on a very wide flank, eventually coming up on Tan team's rear through the brush along the side of the creek. I was pointman since I was the most familiar with the terrain, and it dawned on me that the guy behind me was making a helluva lot more noise than I was, crashing through the brush with clearly audible footsteps. I'm not the stealthiest of players by far, but I'm obviously making good progress from where I was in the past!

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