Weekly - Ask parents everything - June 04, 2019

Just posted this in a career advice sub, but it might be better here. Fundamentally it’s a question about the importance of schedule flexibility vs earning potential as a new parent. (Also please note that I’m not greedy and don’t care about money aside from my ability to support my family.)

TLDR: need advice... as a new parent, is money or time the more precious commodity? Any and all advice welcome.

Here’s the situation: I’m about a decade into my career. Currently work for a fantastic, very stable company. Have a mid-level job that I’m able to do 90% working from home. Hours are light, and I have a lot of schedule flexibility. Have the best boss on earth and awesome teammates. Pay is not extravagant but is very good (allows me to own a home and support myself and my partner as the primary breadwinner in a major east coast city). Downside is I have little opportunity for advancement unless I were to relocate and work at HQ.

Tomorrow I’m interviewing for a different role in the same company, that would be based out of a satellite office near where I live. It would be a lateral move — no immediate pay increase. If I were to get the job, however, it would likely mean more opportunity for future advancement. Downsides: it would also mean no more working from home, a not insignificant commute, and generally longer hours as part of a more “serious” team.

We have our first kid on the way, which is why I’m conflicted on this. On the one hand, the schedule flexibility I have now would be amazing as a parent of a baby/toddler. On the other hand, while a kid won’t ruin us financially, it will force is to tighten up quite a bit... especially considering things like saving for college, etc... which has me thinking about chances to move up in the future.

Another consideration: my partner has a very demanding career in terms of hours/mental energy required. It’s unavoidable in her line of work — that’s not going to change.

So, do I keep the current gig and milk the easy schedule for all it’s worth, and postpone promotion opportunities for a few years? Or do I go the hard route, sacrificing schedule flexibility for the chance to make it rain sooner rather than later?

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