Weekly Advice Thread (02/17-02/23)

I don't necessarily consider myself an incel, but I'm incel-adjacent and I really don't like this sub. I think it's just mean spirited, self righteous teasing covered by a thin veneer of supposed social consciousness. Don't get me wrong, I could get on board with making fun of a bunch comically hateful losers but the moralizing and elevation of the shit that goes on here really rubs me the wrong way.

Having said that, diagnose me if you will. I'm 5'3", of below average attractiveness and have what I can only assume is an unattractive personality based on the conclusions put forth by this sub. I have always been ignored or at best condescendingly patronized by women in my life. Despite this, I don't think I'm a misogynist, at least not any more than the average man (or woman for that matter), however I'd be lying if this lack of success hasn't resulted in some gradually accumulated bitterness. For the record I don't think anything about my personality is that repulsive or unattractive, though again, according to this sub it must be the source of my issues since looks are apparently so seldomly the cause of romantic troubles. I suppose I could iron out the creases of my being and turn into some static cookie cutter dude just in the hopes of being palatable and socially adjusted enough for some girl, but I can't even think of something more pathetic and desperate and incel-like than that.

I just do not know what to do. It's hard for me to imagine a reality where a girl would genuinely find me attractive and reciprocate any kind of affection. Maybe you guys are right and this is just the result some kind of ingrained patriarchal entitlement or whatever the fuck, but regardless it's very draining and it all grows bleaker by the day.

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