Weekly Advice Thread (12/3-12/9)

I need help regarding a girl. We’re both 17 and have a weird history but we started talking again. I asked her out and she said yes, she also seemed genuinely into me. She would respond my texts almost immediately after I sent them, told me stuff about herself and made conversation, she even invited me to her house before a party but had to cancel due to personal reasons. Anyways so recently she’s been busy and won’t answer my texts and me being the jackass i am decided no to be patient and send 1 more text if she didn’t reply. She told me she was busy because of the sat, but she still is acting differently despite the SAT not being a priority for her anymore since she already took it. She rarely makes conversation, answers after a day or so and stuff like that. Also that date we were supposed to go on, she cancelled three times. First she told me she had an issue at a party and was feeling bummed and didn’t want to do anything, I told her it was fine and she shouldn’t worry about it because we could go out again some other time. Then her cousins came to visit (she cancelled a day before our date) and couldn’t see me. Finally today she postponed our date to around 4pm because her dad was leaving town and she texts me at 3 saying she got intoxicated and didn’t feel well. All three times I’ve told her that it’s fine and I can wait but I’m honestly annoyed and pissed. The first time it made sense and if she didn’t feel in the mood of going out I wasn’t going to force her since that would have been rude from my part. The second time I also understood but it just seems weird that here Brazilian cousins would all of a sudden come to visit, she cancelled a day before which to me makes no sense since when a family member that life’s far away visits (at least in my family) the family who will receive them tends to know of their arrival a week in advanced, not one day before it happens (I don’t know if this is relevant but her family did come, she uploaded pictures and all but I just find it weird that she apparently found out one day before they arrived). Finally today really annoyed me because it was literally an hour before we were going to meet. Again I don’t blame her for eating something that wasn’t good for her but I just find it weird that she postponed our date from 1pm to 4pm all of a sudden, if my parents were leaving town I would find out a week or so before it happened, maybe 3 days earlier but not the day they would leave unless it was a crazy business emergency. I’m just annoyed because I feel like I’m being used as a toy, it feels like she doesn’t want to go out with me at all and is leading me on which is weird because she wasn’t like that.

My question is: (she hasn’t answered yet) Should I tell her that I need her to be 100% sure next time we settle on a day to go out? I don’t want to be perceived as rude and I want her to know and understand that I don’t blame her for having to cancel, I’m just annoyed because being cancelled at the last hour really sucks and fucks with my feelings and especially my self worth. I really want to see her because I suck at texting, I’ll either respond really late or get impatient when I shouldn’t and I’m trying my best to work on those issues. That’s why I want to see her but I’m just frustrated that she’s cancelled so many times. I’ve actually chosen going out with her over going out with my friends because I want to see her and I’m left in a bad situation because she cancels and my mom won’t let me go with my friends so I’m stuck at home. Should I text her? Or just leave her and forget her?

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