Weekly Advice Thread (7/2-7/8)

First off, I don't know anything about incel terminology. Just looking at your posts, I can tell you post/think/talk about that shit way too often, and you need to remove yourself from communities filled with frustrated losers who just continue to perpetuate cynicism among each other.

They're a bunch of self fulfilling prophets and whatever information, ideologies, tips, etc. you think you've learned being a part of those communities, you need to throw it in the trash and

Secondly, you're 16 years old, chill the fuck out. You're breaking the alarm for an emergency at least 5 years too early.

Third: Yes, women in general have it easier than men when it comes to finding relationships. Yes, there are guys who are naturals, and guys who will have it easier than you when it comes to getting women. It doesn't matter.

This is some old shit that I wrote a long time ago that probably needs revision. Read this and if you have any questions, read it again. Then contact me with whatever questions you still have


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