[Weekly] Ask Anything / Quick Question Thread - October 02, 2019

Just curious for those who have run a prop cycle before- was there a delay until you felt like it started to “kick in” strength-wise? I’m finishing my 4th week and don’t feel much in terms of strength or recovery yet. I know when I ran var, it took until about the 5th or 6th week before I “felt” it in the gym. Just wondering if test is similar, anecdotally. Libido just kicked in this week, so hoping that’s a sign lol.

FWIW- I started at 4mg ED and this week bumped to 6mg. No sides except libido this week, and clit gain almost immediately.

Sorry if it’s been hashed before. I’ve tried searching but reddit search is not ideal lol. And there aren’t a lot of good cycle logs for me to comb through.

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