Weekly Balance Changes and Reworks Thread

I have no real complaints other than saying Mortis's idea where he steals a percentage of the other brawlers health instead of just doing a base amount is very interesting and I would like to see that although I doubt such a complicated mechanic will be added to the game code.

I would say, similar to how Darryls gadget charges his super, Mortis's, Dyna, Spike, Rico etc should as well. I hate and never understood inconsistencies. Either they all have it or they dont. yes that sounds ridiculous so I think Darryl's gadget should not have the ability to charge his super. As someone who pushed a power 7 Darryl to 700 trophies, I know hes strong enough already and i rarely use his gadget.

Also I agree. Pam needs a nerf. I hated playing her in the past because she was boring and weak. Now she's still boring but shes so strong i can push her easier than Leon back when he was OP.

The rest of them I'm on the fence about and wont share nothing more.

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