Weekly Brianna Madia Discussion Thread

afraid I would dox myself by posting them if someone were to diligently lurk and notice a common follower on all accounts, but... I love to support small, BIPOC, women accounts and buy jewelry from them. I’d start with checking out Kendria Smith (solidtreasures) and her account (metalsmiths for change) to be intrwwoduced to many talented people through her auctions that benefit POC and LGBTQ folx. LittleReeJewelry is fantastic and does lots of turquoise! WildChildDesigns and Cobracult, definitely didirosejewelry, who is opening a brick and mortar store so she’s having mad sales to make her dreams come true. She does more precious gemstones and gold. There are many more white women who make amazing jewelry with turquoise including pestana_jewelry and Lalajewelry and MountainJacksCreative. For intricate and stunningly detailed jewelry, check out LaceBoneJewelry and SouthboundSmith. Please do let me know what you think of their art!

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