Weekly Bugs, Suggestions, and Feedback Thread

[Feedback] Get rid of SBMM when you have a separate ranked playlist. There's absolutely no reason for SBMM to be in casual playlists.

[Feedback] Expand search criteria for games. There's no reason we should be seeing the same players 10+ games in a row unless the game is already dying.

[Feedback] Stop starting games if it's 2v4 or 3v4 as it happens constantly. The last 4 games I played today were 2v4.

[Feedback] Remove AFK players and penalize them immediately instead of allowing them to sit in the spawn round after round.

[Feedback] Remove friendly fire from non ranked playlists. Team mates constantly use explosives and melee weapons to team kill off the bomb when defusing.

[Feedback] Sigrid, Scorch and Kestrel need a nerf to put them in line with the other rogues.

[Feedback] The bomb sites need to be neutral in casual playlists. No side should be favored.

[Feedback] Rep needs to be awarded after each game and the amount should be calculated by performance.

[Bug] When in a private party on XSX I can hear players in game and they can hear me. This should never happen.

[Bug] The Xbox controller becomes unresponsive if you change batteries in game forcing the console to need a power cycle.

[Bug] Dallas' AR stutters and stops shooting randomly. No other rogue has this happen.

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