Weekly Clicker Heroes Suggestion Megathread

Please add the full names for large numbers, it's one of my favorite parts of this game. I'm disappointed when the acronyms for the large numbers turn into symbols and then disappear completely when we get to e69.

You can add the full name in small text under the gold menu and the expand the acronyms to 2-3 character places next to DPS for example Duosexagintillion would be DsT and Duoseptuagintillion would be DST.

Huge list from wikipedia (first column is Base -illion and only useful for this chart): 1 e6 Million 2 e9 Billion 3 e12 Trillion 4 e15 Quadrillion 5 e18 Quintillion 6 e21 Sextillion 7 e24 Septillion 8 e27 Octillion 9 e30 Nonillion 10 e33 Decillion 11 e36 Undecillion 12 e39 Duodecillion 13 e42 Tredecillion 14 e45 Quattuordecillion 15 e48 Quinquadecillion 16 e51 Sedecillion 17 e54 Septendecillion 18 e57 Octodecillion 19 e60 Novendecillion 20 e63 Vigintillion 21 e66 Unvigintillion 22 e69 Duovigintillion 23 e72 Tresvigintillion 24 e75 Quattuorvigintillion 25 e78 Quinquavigintillion 26 e81 Sesvigintillion 27 e84 Septemvigintillion 28 e87 Octovigintillion 29 e90 Novemvigintillion 30 e93 Trigintillion 31 e96 Untrigintillion 32 e99 Duotrigintillion 33 e102 Trestrigintillion 34 e105 Quattuortrigintillion 35 e108 Quinquatrigintillion 36 e111 Sestrigintillion 37 e114 Septentrigintillion 38 e117 Octotrigintillion 39 e120 Noventrigintillion 40 e123 Quadragintillion 50 e153 Quinquagintillion 60 e183 Sexagintillion 70 e213 Septuagintillion 80 e243 Octogintillion 90 e273 Nonagintillion 100 e303 Centillion 101 e306 Uncentillion 102 e309 Duocentillion 103 e312 Trescentillion 110 e333 Decicentillion 111 e336 Undecicentillion 120 e363 Viginticentillion 121 e366 Unviginticentillion 130 e393 Trigintacentillion 140 e423 Quadragintacentillion 150 e453 Quinquagintacentillion 160 e483 Sexagintacentillion 170 e513 Septuagintacentillion 180 e543 Octogintacentillion 190 e573 Nonagintacentillion 200 e603 Ducentillion 300 e903 Trecentillion 400 e1203 Quadringentillion 500 e1503 Quingentillion 600 e1803 Sescentillion 700 e2103 Septingentillion 800 e2403 Octingentillion 900 e2703 Nongentillion 1000 e3003 Millinillion

Some of the criticism against this on this subreddit is "what's the point?" The point is the same as having character models or even the names for the characters & monsters. The numbers as they get larger bring their own aesthetic to the game.

I'm also jumping out of the game or using a 2nd tab to look up the large numbers and I'm sure when you go mobile that some users may switch the app to the same and a good game will keep you in the game as long as possible.

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