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Growhealthy came through with my first ever legal pot delivery and first GH order and it was worth the wait! Gorgeous, big, stinky buds and friendly delivery people. I think the delivery problems for rural areas are fixed like the CEO said they would be a few weeks back.

I got queso perro and SVOG. The QP has a massive, dense top that weighs almost 3 grams and a few smaller nugs. I just toked a bowl and it is really heavy. I am glad the smell is not all cheese and I can taste and smell the funk in there too.

They had more SVOG available so all those 8ths were nice but two 8ths were just two big fat buds. It's a tiny bit dry but I put a 62% pack in and stuck it in a ball double lid jar to chill.

I got 35% off which was the first time discount plus 10% because my first 2 were cancelled so I got a great deal plus I gave them a tip because they were great. I am going to hold out for more queso perro and hope to snag some Wookie girl with my 2nd time discount, Cheers.

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