Weekly Community Post - Post your Communities, Discord servers, and Western Marches games here!

  • What: trying to get a west coast (Pacific time, UTC-7) D&D 5e group going
    • I'm interested in other systems like Pathfinder 2e and Blades in the Dark too, but 5e is overwhelmingly popular and easiest to find players/DMs
    • Looking for people who enjoy RP, exploration, and puzzles -- and who are less on the combat-heavy side (fewer, more story-relevant fights)
  • Where: probably online on Roll20
    • Small possibility of in-person in Portland, OR for vaccinated people if we miraculously get enough people
  • Who: chill, nice, friendly people who are LGBTQIA- and all-races-friendly; bullies, jerks, alpha gamers strictly not welcome
  • Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/GqzApDvs
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