Weekly Complaint Thread - 09 February 2017

Started this new job at a start up, during the interview the owner is telling me he wants me to run the place, take care of the underlings, etc etc. Turns out he wants a warm body in the seat, doing menial labor that should be outsourced, but i guess he's too cheap.

And what is up with my January pay being paid end of February? That wasn't in the contract. I thought all Japanese company paid on the 25th of the month that you worked. What is this nonsense.

They also gave me a machine with 32gb ram, and an i7, at that. How the do I get anything done with a gaming machine?? And this keyboard is the worst I've ever used.

And the server farm... wow, 10 machines? really?

Asked for a software that I needed, was told hey, there's a version from 4 years ago. will that do? I just laughed. Well, I guess you won't be getting any work done from me using that ancient piece of code.

It's also like pulling teeth with these workers when I tell them to fix their mistakes. All the excuses... Now I'm so fed up with their attitude I just fix their nonsense myself.

And the most egrigious... uchiawase at 11pm, ending at 1 am? Come on.

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