Weekly Discussion, March 6th 2017 - Balances Changes Part 1 (Ground Powers, Kits, and Captain Power Recharges)

I picked up a couple command kit modules, and as a support ENG, I think team buffs work better than a bunker build (which I used to use). Here's my thoughts:
A bunker build is great for defending an area (Dyson BZ takeover zones), but most PvE and missions are too fast paced for the trigger time and cooldowns of all but photonic generator. If allies aren't within 2m, they get no benefit. If they are in the zone, you easily have 100% uptime.
Command modules (I elected to get Take Cover and Hammer and Anvil) used to be very limited because by the time you activated them, your team probably isn't in range. Now I can watch health bars, and trigger take cover or protomatter regeneration when health starts dropping, seamlessly a part of combat rather than herding cats to rebuff for a few seconds. The level of resistance and heal from Take Cover is on par with a medical generator. The only downside I see is that you can't get 100% uptime. With it being a team and not area buff, I can trigger it when needed.

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