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Hello everyone !

I just started writing and made this character who is a heir of a technology business owner and I’m worrying she’s a mary sue character.

Her history/personality is pretty much: - Raised well by her parents until her mother disappeared when she was seven - She blames herself and thinks that it may have been her fault - Because of that, she became a ’yes’ man who followed everything she was told to do. She doesn’t cause trouble and does everything that make her father proud - overachiever, perfectionist and strive to inherit her fathers business - tries to get along with everyone as she don’t want to cause any conflicts, but she keeps them at a distance

Is she a mary sue? How do I avoid making her one? One last question, what degree/studies should in university to get her father’s business?

I’m really sorry for having too many questions and thank you so much for the advices!

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