Weekly Discussion Thread (June 26 - July 02): Anecdotes, Questions, Theories, Suggestions, Personal Discussions, and Personal Reports:

The way you phrased it inferred that wearing a mask was a bad thing. It is unfortunate it had to be mandated, if that's what you're inferring that its "political" (again, that makes it sound like a mask is a political statement). I've been wearing one since March 1st (well, not the SAME one, but one of the same type and I'm buying more as we go on with this.) I've met many younger "adults" who didn't wear masks up until they legally had to; one person (a very young, immature girl) working at a barista stand I go to sometimes and she quit over it. Something about how it made her asthma worse and she was having to scream so people could hear her and now she had bronchitis. Within a matter of 2 days. Yeah ok. I see it at every age though, store clerks having to tell boomers they cant' shop without a mask even offering one in a sealed packake. Nope. Something about i went to war and freedom and I get it, I do. There is something to that. But also, there's way more to the health aspect that most people are grasping. Sure, if you cough in my face, nothing will really help much with what we street folk have. It's just a complicated issue and those who aren't happy about it will find a way to be loud about it.

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