WEEKLY Gacha/Ticket/Drop/Item RNG Megathread 07/25/16 - 07/31/16

Hey buddy, If you still didnt deleted the account/game. Just hold on and read this. This is my exp just few hrs back after summoning today. It may help you. Like you and every BBS fan after insane bad luck thats been topping on my regular bad luck even in Anniversary event. I'm on verge of deleting my account but universe call or idk tbh my iPad shut down out of juice before doing my last pull b4 deleting. Then I opened my laptop installed Bluestacks to re-roll untill i get 3 chars i always want atleast. But I have been trying to download the whole 9 yards while my net disconnects at regular intervals. While still trying, to take my mind off this, i look up readcomics.net for Injustice and Old man Logan series i have been hooked up is updated and i got relaxed out of the fucking depression RNG caused me need less to say i'm calm and composed man but also a regular otaku. Now I'm realizing how much of fucking moron i would be if i deleted my account. I have been all day and night for 12 days streak on this game b4 deleting my account which is 10 days old. Imagine how much time i would have lost and again i would spend on it cause eventually i will end up playing this game no matter what. Now i'm all set-up. If i want to del my account, i will exit the game and do some stuff or i would just give my account to someone else who want. That's it. For today, i'm good and will certainly think about this exp if ever i wanna delete my account.

Whats the fun, if you get best characters, it will spoil the fun you can have with other characters which is the reason we have tons of characters.

I spent all most 2k orbs in this event that i saved for Gin. Now you know how i feel. You can pin me if you want to know about my account or any help to keep of your mind.

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