Weekly “Help Me FIRE!” thread. Post your detailed information for highly specific advice. - September 23, 2019

I’m 32F, CPA, East coast doing a mix of commercial and government consulting and audit.

I anticipate I’m going to live a very long time, centenarian likely, so my general plan is to keep working in some fashion until at least my 80s. I’d like to be able to purchase one of the nice million dollar homes in historic Virginia by around age 50, and semi-retire there, working part time or just doing my own business until I can no longer work. I hope that semi retirement can be me becoming a professional artist and teaching and selling work. Sometime in my 80s, I’ll sell the home to finance my final years and end of life care.

I have a bachelors and masters in accountancy and am a CPA. I also have two other specialized certifications. As of 2018, I’m in the six figures and it feels damned good. Spent my teenage years and much of my twenties in poverty. Education really has been my ticket to a better life. This year I’m going to gross around 110k. I anticipate my income growing to around 150-170 by age 40 and probably plateauing there.

I started my own business this year and did very well. Because of starting the business, I was able to pay off all my student debt this summer. If I grow the business, income will be higher. One thought is to grow it and then sell it and use that payoff to buy a home or just invest.

Income: 110k Assets: car $6,000; 401k $60k; ROTH IRA $12k; stocks $14k Debt: 2k on a car; monthly cc always paid to zero Major expenses: 900 rent (sharing a house); utilities $200/mo; car payment $250/mo; insurance $120/mo.; food and restaurants $400/mo

Health: have some chronic pain conditions that exercise helps; looking at medical mj to help

Family: dead or estranged. No plans to marry or have children. Maybe it’ll happen but I’ll drive myself mad chasing and longing for something not meant for me. So It’ll just be me, and eventually a dog or cat.

I’d like to have my own place but I can’t justify moving with my rent so low and a good location. The roommates are ok. I would like more space. I want to eventually buy a property in another 20 years or so, but I’m wondering if that plan is misguided. I want a place where I can garden and have an art studio.

Would it be better to just rent for life and invest?

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