Weekly 'Lifting the Fog' Thread December 31, 2018 -- What do you have to say for yourself?

Anyone down to add a chill +1 to their crew?

Alright guys, so I had a huge very close knit group of girl and guy friends before I moved here and we used to all go out together and have a blast. I just got in a few weeks ago from SoCal for work. I was born and raised in socal and have been a little out of my element here. I’ve been so busy with the move I’ve had zero time to prepare plans for NYE and now I’m terrified at the prospect of spending NYE in my room(never!!!)

I was wondering if anyone was having a party or some event and would be okay with me tagging along. I can promise I’m extroverted, friendly, nice, social, and pretty cool. Kinda of an arsty/creative that does the typical professional 9-5 stuff. so if this sounds like you than we’ll click.


I will never call the city “sanfran” I’m pretty mellow and get along with everyone I hold my liquor well and never get drunk or rowdy I’ll take care of you if you get too wasted and make sure you get home safe I’ll wingman you so hard, make sure a lucky lady gets to have your kiss at midnight Great hypeman/IG pic taker Pretty hilarious, to boot.

I’m just looking for fellow outgoing social people. It’s been a little hard finding extroverted people here.

Feel free to shoot me a message! We can exchange IGs and see if we’re both cool.

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