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Her BSB is largely a support tool, providing imperil, which helps boost the damage of members who can deal holy damage, as well as providing sentinel, which helps attract ST BLK and PHY moves.

Imperil is best used if there are other members who can benefit from the increase in damage. It's not really worthwhile if she's the only one that is going to benefit from imperil (obviously this is in relation to using her Enholy + OSB).

Hence, only use her BSB if (1) she's also helping other members to boost damage or if (2) you need the sentinel effect. There's also the assumption the boss is not 100% weak to holy. 50% weakness is a trickier situation as you may or may not already hit damage cap (assuming no Cloud USB active) with just that.

If the above is not true, then her Enholy + OSB would be more damaging. I'd stick to Saint Cross (or Guard Bringer if you can deal more than 20k and this depends on your DEF as well as the enemy's DEF) + Lifesiphon for her abilities. You can squeeze in about 5 Saint Cross + 1 OSB over the Enholy duration. The 5 Knight ability uses would bring her OSB multiplier to 13.04 (before Enholy), which is fairly decent compared to the 1st generation phy OSB multiplier of 12.0.

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