Weekly New Climber Thread for January 10, 2020: Ask your questions in this thread please

Finding the optimal clipping stance is often the crux of routes, so it's no surprise you find it hard.

Biggest thing is that clipping overhead saps TONS of energy because it puts your body in an awkward position and forces you to pull up tons of rope (slow + more effort). Clipping is much easier if you sack up, wait, and do it at chest/waist height unless you are on absolutely bomber holds.

In an ideal clip, you grab the rope with the hand you'll be using for your next move and just snag the clip on your way past it to your target hold. It should be almost as fast and efficient as top roping and won't require you to find such a secure stance that you can futz around one handed for 10 seconds pulling up rope and stretching out overhead.

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