Weekly New Rider Thread for August 24, 2016

So not a newbie, not a pro, and probably not in the middle of those two either; I ride ~20-50 miles a week. Reading /u/mads1renwoman comment about trail etiquette had be pondering something that happened last week.

TLDR: Who has right away? Uphill or downhill riders?

So I'm doing a local lollipop loop before work and I'm in the end of it climbing back into civilization. I see some riders making their way to me and I have always stuck by the rule, DECEDENDING parties have the right of way. This was by no means a techy hill, but it's fast. I'm at the bottom and move to the side to allow these dudes to pass. When the rider in the front of their pack of three sees me (trackstanding to pass the time) he shouts, "Biker!" And comes to a stop completely rutting up the trail with four locked rear wheels behind them. I clip out and just watch the dust settle. I yell to them that it's okay to pass, and the leader replies, "climbers have the right away dumbass!" I was a little taken back, but eager to keep riding. I wanted to call him out on it but the climb had my breath already. So.... I'm glad I wrote this whole story to ask, who has the right away? Climbers so they can keep their momentum, or speedy people coming down the hill so they don't have to dump all their speed?

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