Weekly Newbie Thread - Post questions about joining the AF here & here only - week of April 06

Wakeup is usually scheduled at 0500 but we've been woken up at 0445 on some days. After wakeup, its straight to PT. There's no PT on Monday and Friday, but we also didn't have it on Thursday for some strange reason.

After PT, it's showers/shaving, details and then chow, depending on when the dorm chief reports into chow. Then its usually off to the PRC at except for Thursday and friday because of retreat and graduation for the families. There's a group PowerPoint/presentation thing, then its back to the dorms.

At the dorms its small discussion sessions with either one of the two military facilitators or a civilian facilitator (who is most likely retired air force personnel). We'll usually do a PowerPoint, a discussion session about a scenario and a team building exercise. None of these will be discussed later on in the week, however, there is an end of course scenario that your group needs to create, so I would pay attention to what's going on and how those scenarios are structured.

After that, it's pretty much free game as long as night details get done. I always slept at 1930 or 2000. Details are also much more relaxed as well. Dorm setup just needs to look nice and orderly, as my facilitator said it. Lockers won't be checked unless somebody has something they're not supposed to have. If that does happen, however, then just make sure it is neat and orderly.

The environment is definitely more relaxed. There are no campaign hats and the MTIs are called military facilitators who basically guide the discussions and make sure nobody goes crazy. Although it's lax, they are still MTIs, so if something needs to be corrected, it will, and they won't yell at you unless you really screw up.

Liberties is still a grey area. When we went through, we could access the patio on Wednesday, and were only allowed to go to the minimall if we needed mandatory items. The first week had liberties all week I believe, but people were being knuckleheads so they were a little more strict on us. People were goofing off on Wednesday so they cut our liberties even more, but it turned out to be at the discretion of the facilitator. So one flight could go to the minimall while another flight was restricted to the patio.

I did not even see my phone until the end of capstone. They pass out phones when you ship out for tech school but you can't use it until you leave lackland.

ABUs are worn all week. And instead of web belts, we wore blue run belts.

Chow at capstone is awesome. As long as you don't eat/drink while walking then you're all good. You can take a bit more time but you still need to eat fairly quickly so you don't crowd the dfac. There's soda, coffee and ice cream there too!

I think capstone is a great idea, but too many people have a IDGAF attitude about it. Our flights are separated by jobs, so we were all spread out. Everybody stuck with their previous flight members for the most part.

If I was wondering about capstone, the number one question I would ask is how the experience would be like after BMT. Overall, I had a good experience since things were more lax but remember, you're still in a training environment so many if the rules in BMT still apply.

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