Weekly Newbies & FAQ Thread - Post your questions here for PAL/RPAL application, timelines, CFSC/CFSRC, references & requirements, or general new to firearms ownership -type questions

Doubled checked my CFP home page to see if I could find the info, unfortunately "personal info" has no details on the security code I created and all options are greyed out except for "check status" (where for me it says all is approved and application successfully submitted) . I also checked the DMs with my friend who was one of my references and the only info I gave him was my application number and the password/security code I created myself while doing the application.

Could your friend have missed a step in the application process? Maybe he can log in his account and go around all the options he can click to see if it's in there somewhere or if he has an option to create one. If not, I'm afraid I can't help you. Sorry

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