Weekly NFL Discussion (November 09, 2015 - November 15, 2015)

  • QB- Tom Brady : I initially had Bortles here, but when I finished my line up I had 3k to spare... so naturally I put the best QB in against the worst passing D!

  • RB- James Starks : Self explanatory!

  • RB- Deangillo Williams : Self explanatory!

  • WR- Eric Decker (20.5 points tonight) : low cost, great output! 6 touchdowns in 7 games I believe I saw.

  • WR- Brandon LaFell : He's had a few weeks to get back in after his injury and each week has been getting better and better. He is right up with Edelman in targets and now that Dion Lewis is out I think that each WR will see 1/2 more targets. Whoever comes in for Lewis will not get the work load he was getting previously. Last year he was Bradys #3 receiver only 20 or so yards short of Edelman and had 18 less catches!! crazy! Averaged 2.3 more yards per catch! He was also second in TDs behind Gronk (12 Gronk, 7 LaFell, 4 Edel)... This weeks the week. My guess? 183 yards, 2 touchdowns! Watch!!

  • WR- Jordan Mathews : He finaly got his shit together with his hand after the bye week! About time buddy. Hes consistently getting 7-10 targets a game, I believe he will perform just like he did last game.

  • TE- Gary Barnidge : Every week except last week he's been a money maker. Expect McCown to have Barnidge as his go to guy.

  • FLEX- Mike Evans : 6 dropped passed last week... Still got 150 yards. I see him practicing all week on them hands. I mean the guy gets between 10-20 targets! Down side is only 1 TD on the year but I think this can be another phenominal game for him. Maybe 130-170 yards, 2 TDs.

  • DST- Buccaneers : Bucs D has been looking awesome as of late, and they are cheap as all hell! I can see them getting 2-3 turnovers. 5/9 of their gamees they have multiple turnovers. Cassel Has 4 TDs and 4 INTs, and it's his last game starting. I think he will force throw a lot of passes and it will kill him. Bucs should be able to take full advantage of this.

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