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I'm so fucking frustrated right now. I find it so fucked up that people are acting as if they're the medical experts on an individuals health condition and subsequent reasoning to NOT get the vaccine. It's like, if someone believes themselves to be medically unable at this time to recieve an MRNA vaccine (or ANY vaccine for that matter) then they should not be ridiculed or fucking ostracized for doing so.

Everyone is like "oh we're doing this to protect the immunocompromised, and those who can't get it/are more susceptible to COVID" but then lose their absolute fucking minds and all of a sudden have "done the research" to discredit someone's claim or fears surrounding the vaccine. These people, like myself, have legitimate medical conditions that were present before the pandemic. COVID kicked off my autoimmune disease like many other viruses have for other people, including changing my migraines from common to hemiplegic.

There are reported incidences from many different sources both anecdotally and through research data that it's a 50/50 chance for a vaccine to trigger a hemiplegic episode. These episodes can cause long-lasting or permanent disability.

I started off scared, and now I'm just fucking angry at the lack of genuine compassion and empathy just because someone else "who has the same thing had it and was fine". People are not all the same, this shit is not a one size fits all approach. My fucking god.

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