Weekly observations (June 26th 2019): what signs of collapse do you see in your region?

It's not just India running out of drinking water!


Water is dramatically scarce - Utilities Restrict Usage

"I have never experienced such a low water level," says the deputy managing director. The heat of the past few days has led to dramatically high water consumption, says Kratz . He can prove this with figures: "On average, the annual average consumption per day is 15,000 cubic meters of water. On Tuesday this week, it was 23,000 cubic meters. That's an absolute record."

Of our 115,000 users, roughly 20% are new arrivals - luckily they should all be well acclimatised to our desert conditions.

Meantime no rain is forecast for the foreseeable 15 days.

Gardens will die, and all the insects we have worked so hard to save will go down with them.

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