Weekly Q/A - week of July 30, 2017

Hi, I'm an oncoming senior and VT is pretty much my first choice school. I'm interested in a majoring in computer science, which I've been informed is in the college of engineering. I have a few questions though.

  1. Does applying early decision make you any more likely to be accepted since it is binding, or is it pointless to just disregard all other applications because on my information your at VT the guide said applying early decision doesn't affect your chances. I don't know if I want to do this because even if VT is my first choice, in still applying to 2 other schools.

  2. Is the college of engineering harder to get into than VT itself, and do you wait to pick a major such as CS do you do it after you are accepted into college of engineering?

  3. If the CoE is more difficult to get into, should I have trouble getting in? (Stats below)

SAT super score/ Math-690 Reading- 570 (1260)

WGPA- 3.67

Senior year rigorous courses- Calculus BC AP CS Coding AP CS Principles AP European History

Extracurriculars- Marching band 4 years with leadership positions Rubiks cube club

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