Weekly Question & Advice Megathread - (4/04/2020)

Hi everyone, new(ish) player of a few weeks here.

My current Ex weapons are: Vayne, Penelo, Edge, Yuri, P Cecil, Aeris, Cid (VII).

I'm planning on going ham for Leo & Galuf, and then Lightning / Hope / Shadow. And also buying Y'shtola's with the current event.

I'm probably going all in on Vayne, even though I only have 4 ingots, so I can get him to 3/3. And I can buy his realizable armor, but it'll take most of my armor tokens.

After that, who should I focus on? I'm a bit dry on power stones, and can get some other characters to at least blue tier on their weapons. Like, I could get Penelo and Cecil to blue pretty easily, as that would only take 8 power stones for both. Or I could get Edge or Yuri to blue with 8 stones each.

Or I can save most of my resources for the upcoming characters. What should I do?

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