Weekly Question Thread (7/27/2020 to 8/2/2020)

Spoke to a recruiter today. I want an option 40 35 series, specifically 35m. I was told option 40s are almost impossible to get. The recruiter said an option 40 is equivalent to getting a 40k bonus (that’s how rare it is right now). However I know a Ranger who says plenty of infantry men got option 40s with 30-40k bonuses. Anyway, I got up and left since they were trying to get me to commit to a regular army contract wherever they needed to fill their quotas. I overheard a recruiter telling a teenage girl that she could try 18x and still remain infantry if she fails out, which I’m told is not true whatsoever.

Anyway, should I just wait this out until they call me with an option 40 35 series? Does anyone have experience with 35m in Ranger regiment? I get that they usually have 11b’s to fill, but with the high turnover I would expect an opening to appear at some point. Thanks for any help in advance.

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