Weekly Question Thread (7/27/2020 to 8/2/2020)

Thanks. This is very helpful. I’ve been told by countless people that getting an option 40 is not a big deal. I understand that an 35M is a tougher MOS to fill compared to an 11B for example, but I don’t plan on budging after my first in-person meeting with the recruiter. Doesn’t seem very wise given I have time.

They mentioned making a phone call multiple times but by the end were trying to sway me towards unrelated MOS’s on a non-option 40 contract. I reached out to a RASP recruiter already, waiting on response. There can be a clear path lined out for a non-option 40 path to Regiment, but I’d rather get everything I can guaranteed at the onset. Was wondering what part of this thought process deserved a reality check.

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