Weekly Questions and Answers Thread: 4/20/2020-4/27/2020

I'm interested in playing the game so I've got some questions about the content. (And please don't do the thing about 'OH SO VIOLENCE IS OK AND INNUENDO ISN'T?' It's hard to find real answers in the midst of all those comments) I know it's a game that's focused on a good bit a crude humor and innuendo. I don't so much care, but I'm trying to play through the game as 'cleanly' as possible and whatever suggestive material is still in it is ok.

A: Moxxi. She's the source of alot of the sexual nature of the game. Can you avoid her for the most part? And if you avoid her except for what's necessary, how much is she in the game? Probably alot?

B: (Also don't worry about the Dlc's as I only own the base game) but after playing through the campaign, I'd like to skip the raunchiest side missions. I don't need or want the details of them but if you could list some of the titles of ones to avoid, it'd be appreciated. :)

(If you're still reading, thanks)

C: I understand that even avoiding those things, there will still be plenty of innuendo, violence, and whawhat not and that's fine, but Any other tips you have on how to avoid some of the raunchiest parts would be very nice, thanks :)

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