Weekly Questions Megathread - May 18, 2020

If I want to run a Tac Fed and Maximize DPS in rando TFOs and-the-like, would I be better off going with a Mirror-Crossfield or a Disco Connie? I've seen both MB's and Sizer's builds respectively, which are both *incredibly* impressive, but leave me as an "I'm just playing this to unwind" player at a major impasse.

MB's able to get 828k out of a SciFed on HSE with highly competent help. Sizer has a "hard floor of 185k" if she's 'really off her game,' which is probably where I'd be. I'm not that great of a pilot yet. I'm not patient enough with games to do coordination like MB either. These numbers leave me with a million questions, to the point where I don't know where to begin.

Also, Vaadwuar Juggernaut? I've heard it's hell to pilot, but it's supposedly the highest DPS in the game.

Basically, I just don't want to grind for "The Wrong Thing," only to kick myself later, y'know? Hell, I don't know if this question even has an answer because the mechanics are subject to change by the devs at any time.

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