[Weekly Questions Thread] 01 July 2019

1) then shouldn't Gray have happened instead of Black and White 2 with only 1 Dragon being the one before the Hero brothers made him split ? There was the original dragon the two brothers opposing ideals made it split Reshiram (Truth) and Zekrom (Ideals) were born Kyruem is the shell left behind. Then shouldn't the sequel been about the one Dragon not the same two dragons with Kyurem wearing them? Like instead of Kyruem Black/White why not just Orgin Kyruem

2) Zinnia finding herself without saying where she's going feels like the reverse of Emma. Like if she said "I'm going to Sinnoh/Unova/ wherever as opposed to somewhere so open ended.


Giovanni fell in Tohjo falls shouldn't that tie into the RR Giovanni (if that's him)

Archer and etc are in Jail.

Maxie and Archie are.. Dependant on whether you played R/S/E or ORAS , either on the run or redoing team magma/aqua. this one is fine.

Cyrus is in the Distortion world by himself so he got his own world. Mars and Jupiter quit and Charon got arrested. All fine until Saturn. He's leading team Galactic with zero follow-up he just said he's in charge and that's it.

Ghetsis and the sages got arrested,

We all know what happened to Lysandere

Lusamine / Fuba / RR Giovanni just disappeared like there's going to be a sequel for the sequel Fuba should have disappeared after that arc it's weird to keep a backstabbing employee around (unless she explained that part)

4) with Emma it just feels weird with her being a stationary NPC forever,like I felt if Z happened she would've been more involved in the story

5) I meant standard Sun and Moon after the ultra beasts or are on vacation on that one too? Like shouldn't that cause alarm there's more of these ultra beasts in other regions

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