Weekly Questions Thread #111

[5e] I didn't want to make a whole thread about this, figured this was a good place to ask. I'm very new to d&d, only had 3 sessions so far. I'm loving it. I find myself creating characters in my spare time. My current fascination is creating Lu Bu (Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors). It may seem a little silly, but I love the idea and would love to play as him, just need a little help. I've made him at level 5, as this is the level I usually create characters just so they're a little more fleshed out. Variant Human, with Polearm Master @ lvl1 and Great Weapon Master @ level 5. He's a Battlemaster Fighter with Precise attack (to help with GWM), Menacing attack (because lu bu), not sure what to make the third. Though I'm open to advice on another build, or different feats, as I said I'm quite new. Background is Soldier, rank: officer. This seemed to be the most fitting, however happy to take recommendations. I'm not too sure about alignment, not that it plays a huge part, but I'd actually want to play him and not sure how an Evil character would go. And basically on the subject of that, I'd like some advice on playing him, as he's my favourite character that I've created a sheet for. I was thinking, maybe not be evil, or at least be loyal to the party, as I don't want stress of not getting along with the party which I know will slow the game down to a halt with unnecessary arguing. Perhaps very single-minded, in that all conflicts to him end in violence, though within reason, I do NOT want to go murderhobo as to me that's just silly. Just looking for general advice and feedback on this character. Much appreciated!

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