Weekly /r/ApplyingToCollege 'Chance Me' Thread

Tad bit late to the party, but I hope there are still some people here.

I'm a junior but I'm going for early admission at MIT/UC's.


Weighted GPA- 4.9

Unweighted GPA - 3.97

Rank - 2/647


36 - (36/35/36/35)



  • H Bio
  • H Eng 9
  • H Alg II, H Geo, and H Alg I (Geo and Alg I were taken in middle school but the credits are for frosh year - go public school!)
  • Spanish I
  • Frosh Sem/Health I
  • JV Tennis


  • AP World
  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Bio
  • AP Comp Sci A (self-studied)
  • H Chem
  • H Precal
  • H Eng 10
  • Spanish II
  • Varsity Tennis


  • AP Chem

  • AP Physics C

  • AP Eng Lang


  • AP Calc BC

  • Spanish III

  • Varsity Tennis

Extra Curriculum

  • Comp. sci research internship
  • Run local programming thing, we set up hour of code events in elementary schools and have a decent amount of local coverage
  • Tons of leadership positions on campus - treasurer of 5 clubs sophmore year, president of the three largest this year
  • 500+ hours of community service with a very well known program that works with underprivileged kids
  • Organized school's science fair, built website for regional fair, secured $250,000 in funding from a well known foundation to fund the regional fair and sponsor ISEF participants
  • National league of young men - treasurer/volunteering organizer. basically just runs volunteering events for kids in our region so they can get involved with their community
  • TEDx speaker and my talk is on the short list of the ones that get posted to the main site


  • Student of the Month for March 2015
  • Multiple awards and ribbons earned through JROTC
  • Completed GoRuck Tough Challenge
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