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Junior. looking to go for selective colleges. UC Berkeley, Cal Tech, Northwestern, UCLA. I primarily want to get a Chemistry Degree.

Sat: 2280 (800 M, 740 CR, 740 Writing)

Act: 33 (Yeah, I fucking yolo'd it without studying. Not planning on submitting this score)

Sat Subject: Only Chemistry so far. 800. I plan to take Math II and Biology.

GPA: 4.0 Unweighted. I don't know what it is weighted. I didn't check. I don't know how much my school assigns points for AP and Honors.

AP's: Took 7 AP classes. Self Studying two. I have 5's on all the ones I have taken.

Extracurriculars: I am in Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, Quiz Bowl, Business Professionals of America, Volunteer in Club. Y.E.S (school organization for community Service), Math team, Chemistry Olympiad test taker (i want to talk more about this). I also play baseball and did track & field for a while (had to quit. Will talk about this too) I also do research at my state University with a Chemistry Research Group and I will be going to Stony Brook University for Garcia MRSEC (selective Materials Science Research program).

Leadership/High-performance Positions: - Event Leader for Chemistry Lab in Science Olympiad. I am applying for Team Captain position (which is only available for Seniors)

-Varsity Science Bowl Team member (only 8 people in our school are selected)

-Quizbowl: I've qualified for Nationals for 3 straight years. This isn't much of an accomplishment but I think it sounds good.

*Chemistry Olympiad: This is an exam on Chemistry obviously. To qualify for nationals tier, you have to be in the top 2 of your school in the Local/State tier and meet a minimum score requirement. There was a 3-way tie, and sadly I was not chosen (I don't know how they broke the tie but I'm SUPER SALTY). I don't know if I should mention this at all.

*Track & Field. I was only able to do track in my Freshman year. With my high performance, I believe that I would have made Varsity for Pole Vaulting. However, after my Freshman year, we had a new athletic coordinator who instituted a new policy where students cannot participate in an academic extracurricular at the same time as a sport (e.g. you can't do Sciencebowl at the same time as Track&Field). So i quit track. I don't want to look like a quitter to the colleges I apply to tho. :(

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