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Hey guys, as a high school senior who has applied to quite a few universities, I'm worried as hell and I'd love some "chance me" insights to change how I should think about this entire ordeal. I will greatly appreciate it if you could spend a moment to go through my stats.

Unweighted GPA: Unknown, school doesn't give out GPA, but I am a full diploma IB student with an average of 5 out of 7 in all of my classes. Actual grade is 33/45 on the IB Scale

SAT score: Nov 2013 CR 570, Math 720, WR 500, Essay: 06/12

ACT score: Oct 2014 Composite: 32, English 28, Reading 35, Science 34, Math 31, Writing 10/12, Combined Eng/writing 28.

SAT II scores: SAT Math II 730/760 (First and second try), SAT Physics 730/760 (First and second try as well, it's a coincidence)

Senior year courses:

  • IB English SL
  • IB Mathematics SL
  • IB Chemistry HL
  • IB Geography HL
  • IB Biology HL

No APs, the courses are all yearlong.

Applied majors: Chemistry, Biology (physiology), and Biochemistry depending on the university, my main aspiration is in chemistry, but I'm fine with any other listed ones.


Canadian student, so I'm not overly familiar with the American forms and terminologies of extracurriculars. I'll list what I've listed on my college applications.

  • Built a farnsworth nuclear fusion reactor with a friend as a summer project, entered the regional science fair and won an "Outstanding engineering project" award in my age (senior) category. Sugarcoated this as the "project leader/co-founder" when entering my ECs.
  • Co-created (with my brother) two iPhone/android applications and published it on the iPhone appstore and the Google Play store.
  • Founder/leader of the school's App club. Club has been running since September after the launch of our second app (which explains the delay).
  • Violin learner for >7 years, passed the music theory and level 8 violin examinations
  • Golf player (no sports teams or varsity, recreational) for >5 years
  • Symphony orchestra second/third violinist
  • Did a research project at a university and wrote an essay on it in chemistry for my IB Diploma program, had a great experience and wrote about it in my essays.
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