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I've just recently gotten into Skyrim since I got a new laptop that can run it at "high" settings. I played it a bit on my PS3 as a Nord Knight-type (sword and shied, bow), and enjoyed what I played.

This time, though, I'm just not as interested and I can't figure out why. I'm an Argonian sneak-thief, using a bow and dual daggers. I was hoping to get really into the story, never fast-travel, and just immerse myself in the land of Skyrim. Despite those hopes, I just don't find it engaging. The quests are super repetetive, especially when your play-style is defined by shooting guys and then rolling around a corner until they forget about you.

It doesn't really seem possible to truly sneak your way through the game, as all of the "alternate routes" through caverns also have enemies guarding them. I recently defeated a bandit leader by standing on top of his hut and shooting him full of Dwarven arrows while he just stood there because he couldn't reach me with his sword.

I've resorted to using the horse-and-buggy system often, since as a member of the Theives' Guild I have to travel to and from Riften all the time to get and complete new quests, and of course it's all the way over in the far corner of the map. Plus, you know, my main weapon is a bow. It's not exactly ideal for stopping a sabre-cat ambush. I die a lot, and I'm only playing on "adept", I think?

The repetative nature of the quests is the thing that probably gets me the most, though. My quest log is chock-full of unfinished "defeat so-and-so in wherever-the-hell cavern" and "retrieve heirloom X in Dragur tomb Y", and despite my best efforts to whittle away at this to-do list it only seems to get bigger as I go. I am enjoying the Thieves' Guild missions (shill, numbers, etc), though I don't really have much sense of progress in terms of how we're doing in our ultimate goal of attaining influence in each city.

I haven't tried modding the game yet, though I hear that it really brings it new life. At the moment I'm catching up on my shows on my old laptop while sniping Foresworn on my new one, and it's okay. It's certainly not all it was cracked up to be by the folks over at /r/skyrim.

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