Weekly /r/ZeroWaste Discussion - How have you 'taken action in your community?

I wanted a slice of cake today, at a new bakery store, so I took my own container. This was my first time doing that for something like cake (I do usually take my own fabric bag instead of taking plastic bags at the store). I asked the lady if she could put it in and she was like 'no, because the cake is too high..... But is it okay if I lay it flat?' And I was like 'Sure, of course, no problem'. Even though the packaging for cake slices is cardboard or paper and thus recyclable I am very happy they accepted it.

I also will start working in a new place soon, and in the office coffee machines are everywhere. I decided to bring a mug instead of using paper cups. Maybe I'll even try to convince the higher ups to start recycling the paper cups (there are companies that collect the paper coffee cups from companies) or try other people to bring their own cups as well. However, I think it is more important to get used to the new workplace for a week or two before trying to get colleagues to make changes. Anyway, it's on my to do list.

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