Weekly Salt Thread 53 - Memorial Day? More like Grill Hell.

Please help I'm going insane.

One of our supervisors is always talking to me and another one of my co-workers asking if we want to pick up days and move over to fulltime, we said yeah and he tells us he's going to talk to J, what day do you want to pick up and I'll ask her if she can just switch you over immediately. Mind you, some of us are on a "core packet" aka a set schedule for three months that our moronic manager failed miserably to implement. So I said I'll take Tuesdays. That manager is currently at a different store and we were given a temp. So I tell our temp that the soup said there's full time available and I wanted to move in, what's going on with that? She said there were no full time slots available. Excuse_me?.jpg

So she tells me I can pick up extra days and if I work at least 36 hours for 12 weeks I'll be shifted over to full time.

No, I'm not going to work extra days without benefits. That's the whole fucking reason I want fulltime. What the fuck is wrong with this place? The worst part, my supervisor is telling me he was going to take this to, again this "J"... who is PERSONNEL. Another fucked up thing is they've been scheduling me extra days constantly as part time but breaking it up every once in awhile by scheduling me a normal 4 days.

I told her I'm part time and I have an extra day scheduled, can you take it off, I don't want it unless you put me into fulltime. She still didn't remove it.

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