Weekly Team/Character Building Megathread (Jan 5, 2021)

You're very early into the game and even in later stages the difficulty isn't high enough to justify just investing in "strong" characters because others are not viable.

In fact every character is able to clear endgame content with the right artifacts and weapon.

Choose characters you enjoy playing and invest in them and disregard tierlists etc It's a PVE gacha game and if you're not having fun whats the point.

I can give some pointers tho:

pick either Diluc, Keqing or Razor, whichever you like more and build the rest of the team around them. They are the DPS role like character that wants to be on the field and have screentime which means they are somewhat mutually exclusive in an "optimal" team.

Then choose a healer out of noelle, barbara, qiqi

BUT if you have either Jean, Bennett or Diona they are better for later in the game since Norlle barb and qiqi cannot generate energy with their E and qiqi and barbara are dedicated healers with no value beyond that.

Noelle can break geo shields/rock shields do damage and heal, but she heals less of course.

Xiangling can br excellent as a support especially for e.g. Diluc in a team with him and xingqiu for vaporize reactions.

All in all just play the game the way you want to, don't feel pressured to use an objectively strong character even if you don't like them very much.

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