Weekly Therapy Talk Thread

good things this week

  • I set up appts with a substitute for when my T is on holiday
  • I didn't drink more than I should at the work drinks
  • I did really well at work
  • I sorted stuff at home
  • I put effort into social stuff

bad things this week

  • my dog died
  • I felt nothing over it
  • then I felt upset about feeling nothing and started thinking 'not wanna be alive' thoughts
  • then I confessed this to my T via e-mail and she said 'see you monday, okergeel'
  • i've not told any of the people I saw face to face this week about my dog

Maybe I didn't care about the dog? But I think I did. I don't know. It's so confusing. I'm either worse at feeling emotions than I thought, or I'm even less connected to other living beings than I thought. I feel like a robot. Like I'm not a person. A human.

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