Weekly Therapy Talk Thread

They never tell me what I've done wrong. They always just drop it. How can I ever improve when they won't tell me what I'm doing wrong?

So a concrete example. The thing where you improve your self esteem by thinking and saying positive things. I point out that these things are not congruent with what I know, and that the backlash, the aftermath of stirring up all this mess is that my mind gets confused and turns to static, I'm going to lose my motivation. So what do I do about that? How can I implement this thing you're asking of me and not have it wreck my life for the next couple of days? I'm not refusing to do it, I just want to know how to do it better than the last four hundred times. And they say, "I'm sorry I've upset you. Let's talk about something else," and they won't answer. "It's okay, we don't have to talk about that anymore." It's okay? But I am asking to talk about it. What did I do so wrong that I'm not even worth the courtesy of an answer?

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