Weekly Vaporents Help/Advice Thread and Helpful Links - November 30, 2020

Price Range: 200-300$

# of Participants: Just me, So 1.

Toking Routine: Due to being a spine chronic pain patient i smoke a bowl every 4 hours or so. (about .1g~)

Extraction Speed: The faster the better, I use a solo 2 so i don't mind having a session of 15 minutes.

Environment/Form: Home use. I don't smoke in public.

Vape Experience: I have used a solo 2 for about 2 years now, and i bought a dynavap m 2020 4 months ago. I like the solo 2 but i feel like it doesn't get as high or "hit" me hard enough compare to a bowl or a joint. the dyna is nice for like a quick hit before going out to do adulting but i hate heating it with a flame.

Personal Requests: I don't really know how else to describe it but i know that the solo 2 isn't considered the hardest hitting vaporizer out there and i would like something that can deliver a more potent experience that it can provide.

Location: MidWest United States of america.

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